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Default HELP? No Sound From TV

Hi folks,

First off thanks for ALL the information, this is a great site from what I've seen and read. LONG LONG time lurker, just never posted up until now.

I have a SONY Grand Wega KF-50W610 that I bought a few years back.

All of a sudden I turn it on and no sound comes out of it. Nothing was changed, nothing moved, etc. I Can only hear what's on the TV or DVD when I use the surround sound system. If that is turned off and I turn up the volume on the TV itself....nothing.

When I change the TV input (click through 1 through 7) I get to a screen where it's all "snow" and for a brief second I hear that snow/static sound and it stops. So the point being is SOMETHING is coming from the speakers even if it's for a split second.

Any ideas as to why I have no sound? This happened once before a few weeks back. I searched and searched through google and found nothing except one person suggested unplugging the TV. I did that and coincidentally when I plugged it back in there was sound. Tried that again this time and nothing. Could this have something to do with my Direct TV HD DVR box? I couldnt get that to power up the other day...weird, then after trying a few times it finally just powered on.

Thank you SO much for your input. Although I would LOVE to get a new tv, I also would rather spend the cash towards a new Ducati for now. lol Again, thank you kindly for your expertise.
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