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Default Re: Please talk me out of buying a CRT TV...

Hi All,

No body was a bigger fan of CRT than me. However, their age has waned. I have recently divested myself of both my 8-inch Runco CRT front projector in favor of a DLP, and my vaunted Sony XBR960 Super Fine Pitch direct-view tube in favor of a plasma. Most things are equal in these new technologies to the CRT, and they are capable of much brighhter and more dynamic pictures. The side benny of getting rid of the tube was that it gained my wife and I a Ton of real estate.

The bottom line is if you get the right plasma you can do better in terms of picture quality over CRT now. As for the Aconda it has terrible white field uniformity so black and white material doesn't fare well on it at all. Also the lack of digital inputs is a real issue if you have any desire to see either HD DVD or Blue-ray at its best. My 2C!
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