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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by bootman View Post
I hear you and you share many of my same sentiments as well.
I'm just a little frustrated in the attitudes by those on the losing side I guess.
When it comes from those whose opinions are held high by others then it starts to rattle my cage a little.

Man if Apple ever "wakes up" and realize that they are really a software company first, they would over take the home PC market in less then a year by selling the Mac OS to everyone since there are now no hardware reasons that would prevent them from doing so.
(Now hand shake agreements between buddies is another matter. )
Now you've just hit the nail on the head - Apple should make its OS availabe to everyone. PC builders like myself love to mess with the inards of our rigs (just as some high end people love to modify the caps and such in speakers and D to A converters).
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