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Default Re: Blu-ray now on Niveus... no more HD DVD support!

Why would Toshiba want to put research into a new combo player? That seems absurd to me. They need to abandon it all of the way, and step into the Blu-ray market, as they are already behind. Consumers who have a considerable investment in HD-DVDs have a player already. They obviously have to support their current customer base, but they need to focus on getting into the Blu-ray game.

Additionally, I feel combo players always compromise performance for the dollar. I don't see, at a given price point, produced by the same manufacturer, how a multi task machine could be produced that will outperform a machine dedicated to a single task, not to mention be more stable. The companies that produce the best performing player for the dollar are going to profit the most from the Blu-ray player market. Making a combo play to support a dead format is bad business.

I also wonder what impact a combo player would have on extending the time frame for movies like the Bourne trilogy to be reissued in Blu-ray.
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