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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by bootman View Post
Sorry, I thought this was an enthusiast site, not something geared to Joe and Susie watching a 42" LCD from 18 feet away.
I can easily tell the difference between 720p and 1080p because I do happen to have the right equipment to tell.
I must be in the wrong place here then.

As for not hearing differences in MP3 encoding, I can using high quality headphones, a good source and a good headphone amp.
Again, I'm not really your average Joe.

But there is nothing "revolutionary" about sub par HD downloads and low bit rate MP3s.
(as the site's name used to imply with new technology)

BTW why does vinyl rule IYO?
It isn't because of the sound quality right?
I had a friend of mine...who was telling me about his 58 inch 1080p plasma. I told him that's a good buy. He claims he was watching things in 1080p - then I asked him what type of blu-ray or HD-DVD player did he have...He didn't have either. He told me that the only HD content he had was from DirectTV - I informed him at best, He's viewing 1080i content, and if he wanted to see what his set could really do - buy a BD player. He's a regular Joe and knows nothing. But you also have those that are not Regular Joe's but are satisvied with 720p content. On a screen smaller than 50 inches most people can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p - because the pixel size is too small. You can tell on a 106 inch front projection. I can tell the difference in MP3's and lossless content - but what am I listening to? That's what will make the judgement on how I'm listening. MP3's for backround music - lossless for critical listening. The same rule will apply for downloads. Have you ever wanted to see a movie just for laughs? I don't buy comedies in HD - not worth it - I'm not watching it critically - I just want to laugh. Action and animation - those get the HD nod. I all depends on the content. A few of the people on this forum have systems that will kill mine and yours! They are not average Joes and Janes by a long shot. But I believe they are realist - that's why I love this site! They understand that there are different levels of enthusiasm. Some are more enthusiastic about speakers, some about media, others cabling, others PC's/Macs, and others convergence. You're at the right site, but learn to love our differences about a common hobby. I've never been a Mac fan but this site has shown me the respect that Mac deserves - and I'm now tempted to try a few Apple products.
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