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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by kingofgrills View Post
I really wish people would stop holding up digital downloads as the eventual solution for the format wars. Paying $1 to download a single music track is one thing, but downloading a 1080p HD movie with 7.1 lossless surround sound is entirely different. I've invested thousands in my custom built home theater room, and I am not going to settle with holding a EULA (End User License Agreement) in order to lease a movie to watch on my system. I collect movies and music on disc, and I have no intention on stopping this practice.
The overall sonic quality of music has been dumbed down by downloading, MP3s and Ipods. SACD and DVD-Audio failed due to the ongoing format fight and overall consumer confusion, and I don't want that to happen to the successor for DVDs. We need an HD format to succeed quickly, and Blu-ray is right there.

I just want the complete transition to Blu-ray to be quick, so we can all get back to enjoying the HD movie experience without worrying about the format.
It's not quite that simple - the studios hold the power now. When you see music recording studios taking grandma's to court and winning!!!? It's about to get hectic. Studios constantly remind us that we do not "own" any content. Eventually this "war" will get us used to HD content (hey, I was hooked on WMV-HD at 1080P). The next move is to control the distribution of said content. Blu-ray has the best protection scheme (that's why we HTPC'rs have to update AnyDVD HD so much), but its not perfect. The next level of protection will come in the form of downloads - and what will we do when the delivery method is available and the Studios say its cheaper and more effective? We will all get in line and adapt - thats just the way we are. It's coming - I don't know how soon, but I believe its sooner than we think. By the way - at my job belive it or not - we have 100 gbit output - what do you need for "Full HD" - 50mb? Verizon is already there in some areas.

P.S. I remember how fast my DCC, MiniDisc, and Dat died - As I've told people on other forums - the word for 2008 is convergence. Even Comptia has merged with Cedia to form a new certification, and it's all about PC/HT/Automation convergence. I'm going to get mine to go along with my A+ - So I can be in on the ground floor. Its kinda like Google - its going to get big quick!

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