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Default Halcro SSP broken after MPCM upgrade - replace with Integra?

While my unit worked initially after the MPCM upgrade, it soon developed a loud, persistent clicking noise (the same click when you switch sources on a functioning unit) that occurs when the unit is powered on, regardless of which source it is switched to. The sound coming out of my speakers is choppy, intermittent, and unintelligible. The unit also powered off randomly. Needless to say, this was a very disappointing result for an "upgrade."
After reporting this issue to Halcro, they said to send the unit back. However, since I'm currently in the midst of pre-production on a major motion picture, the SSP100 is vital to my screening room where I'm screening footage for the key creative team. I cannot afford any down time, so I began looking into picking up an Integra DTC-9.8.
Then, on a whim, I smacked the unit a few times as it was making the godawful clicking noise (as one might do to silence a faulty fan in a PC) and lo' and behold the SSP began to work again. Operation was relatively normal for about two weeks before the clicking returned in full force. There were sporadic clicks even during seemingly normal playback and use, but it was operational enough to get the job done. Again, this applied to all inputs, both analog and digital. There were also random audio dropouts during movies (in addition to the clicking) and occasional video blackouts over HDMI. Unfortunately, the unit has now reverted back to its previous state and is now pretty much inoperable. If Halcro is able to send me an advance replacement or loaner, then I'll give it another chance, but the timing is critical. If not, I will have to go with the next best thing. And that seems to be the Integra (I'm not going back to Anthem).

My question is: how does the Integra 9.8 compare to the Halcro? I need something that can do HD audio formats, but more importantly, I need something reliable. I'm just wondering how much I'll miss the Halcro if I "downgrade" to the Integra. Anyone out there who has experience with both units?

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