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Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I was surprised by the lack of any action by Toshiba or the HD-DVD group since the Warner announcement.
At CES instead of fighting back & showing the TL51 disc & new players they just folded up their tents & left.
The lowering of hardware prices was half hearted at best, I don't care how cheap the player is if there is no content to play on it.

I think the loss can be seen as a failure by Toshiba as much as a victory for Blu-Ray.
They seemingly had many advantages out of the gate but either they got cocky or were incompetent & it's going to cost them big bucks!

I thought the WB announcement was the beginning of the end but I didn't expect the end to come so quickly & without a fight.
They did not know how to market their product. HDDVD truly survived just from great word of mouth from happy consumers.
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