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Default Re: Samsung Sued Over Blu-ray Players That Won't Play All Discs


I am normally opposed to people trying to sue over idiotic things and NORMALLY I would put this in that catagory (one should expect problems with first gen NEW FORMAT electronics)

HOWEVER, the company should make things right. I have first hand experience with samsungs "no customer service", as Clark Howard calls it, and MY experience comes as a Dealer, trying to get my customer's equipment fixed and / or parts and service information.

They are one of, if not the worst in the business and deserve this lawsuit.

It FRIES me to see them as the preferred brand of choice by the NFL and others!!!

I NEVER recommend Samsung to anyone and it is a shame as some of their product really do perform well.

But, to be fair, a lot of companies are getting that way.

The CE industry is FUBAR and is harder then ever for a small independent dealer like myself ( who have built this industry) to make a living. Most companies won't even give you the time of day as a dealer, unless you are a key player at Best Buy or Wal MArt or other "big box' outlet.

Audio and Video gear is just a commodity to make a buck as opposed to an art and a craft like in the days I and many here grew up with.
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