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Default Re: Absolute best source?

The CD12, as my service advisor put it, and not to offend anyone, was a $500 CD player in a $19,500 box. My circa 1988 Philips LHH1000 was better. Nice piece, but a DV-50 crushes it, never mind one of Esoterics better units. Even though Esoteric is a really difficult company to deal with, their P-01/D-01/G-0s stack rules supreme, over anything EMM, DCS or anyone has ever built, and by a wide margin. Anyone who wishes to contest this come listen to my quarter million dollar stack sometime. Probably in the top 100 systems in the world. Reference quality everything, cost no object. 3 bedrooms in a 5 bedroom house are available. Rates on request and according to budget and service levels. Sound quality is paramount, full 32 bit 192 KHz resolution processing in house. Please contact Chris @ 314-814-4888
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