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Smile Re: How long until a CA brown out?

You make a real good point here. In New York, Con Edison the last couple of years, has had quite a few problems. Last summer, certain sections of Queens where out for 9 days. Can you believe that? 9 DAYS!! A couple of weeks ago, we had some power outages that shut down the 4, 5, and 6 trains and Grand Central, and parts of the Bronx, for about 1 hour. And yep, it was during the rush hour. Our mayor Bloomberg tried to down play it down.

Well, its 92 degres now, and its going to 95 tomorrow and tuesday, tomorrow its supposed to feel like 105. So, we will see what happens.

Our tax dollars, that is a another whole issue unto itself.

Like your solution to power and surge protection. I guess you can never be to careful.
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