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Default Re: Absolute best source?

OK guys!

Let's get back on topic here....

I asked what was the best CD player....

I mean hell if I had my way I'd have the flippin' band in my room playing but that just isn't always practical!

Vinyl rules,

I would actually put any XRCD I have against any HD CD I own and think it would clearly be a win for XRCD. Try the Gino d'Aurio Flamenco Passion XRCD and tell me if you can find a better guitar disc than that! It blows away any SACD or DVD-A for guitar I own, with the only other ones running in contention the AIX records DVD-A's of acoustic guitar.

Now to add a new source I'm looking to hear, the AMR CD77, and it has a USB input for your computer audio........
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