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Default Re: The Day The Music Died

Ironically many of those transitions are when the bands tried to get off drugs!

OK, I'll add some

Circle Jerks Wonderful and beyond, I had to include Wonderful as "Making the Bombs" is a classic.
Fear Everything after The Record
Black Flag everything after Damaged
Living Colour after Times up
I got to agree with you in LZ Presence is my favorite album by them, but no one evber really listens to that one as it never sees air time.
Triumph after Thunder Seven
Deep Purple, wwell, after the real break up, before they did the reunion tour in 1985, even after Ian Gillian left, they were still awesome.
Yes since they reunited with 90216 or whatever it was.
The Grateful Dead with American Beauty, come on guys!

Just some that came to mind.......
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