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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
This is true. I do the same thing myself. However I find a non-linear discconect between the two amplifier sections as I increase or decrease the overall volume on the system. The mains increase or decrease at a different decibal/watt rate than the other three speakers. Nahmean?

You said a lot there! This is one of the reasons I usually use identical amps for all channels. I have found this problem even with different amp by the same manufacturer. It is something most people are completely unaware of, and thank you for reminding me of this (it's been years since I used different amps)


How much rated power is somewhat (NOTE somewhat) irrelevant. What matter is how much current your amp can deliver, think the old $30 car EQ/amps that came rated for 400 wpc, they might have even been able to meet the criteria for getting that rating, but I bet a good 100 wpc amp would have better sound. Wattage is rated on a strict criteria, this has been utilized by the like of Bob Carver making his amps the way he does he gets huge rated power outputs, but I personally can tell you my Mark Levinson 433 (200 wpc x 3) WAY outplays the Sunfire 7400 (400 wpc x 7) and if you think about it, how can an amp really deliver that much power from a 15 amp line (a 15A line only delivers a little over 1800 watts)?? This is why on the big Anthem statement amp, there are two power cords that both need to go to different 15 A lines or the amp will not have enough input power to generate the true rated output power.

Then you get into the issue of headroom. How much reserve is there in the power supply and for how long can it do it? Less headroom, less ability to cover large dynamics clearly.

We haven't even touched on the difference between tube and SS amps yet.....
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