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Cool Re: Amps for dummies

You are asking about 'how much' power.....
Most receivers play the numbers game when it comes to amp rating per channel. There are differences in multi channel amps vs. receivers w/ multiple channel output.

Take a separate multi-channel amp and they can meet the rated output in all channels driven over the 'entire' band width (20Hz-20KHz).
Very few receiver can match that.

Therefore a 125 watt multi-channel amp will outperform the same rated receiver. There are exceptions – but very FEW.

Then add the current capability separate amps have over receivers... this is the dynamics-the ability to really slam you one moment-then hear the pin drop the next. In the meantime, the sound stage does not get compressed and the sound remains pristine and coherent ........

Adding more - the receiver has to supply power to other components. The amp has to just keep cranking it!!!

Also, I have also noticed a separate amp will show up and shine when listening to music at lower volumes. The sound will have the all of the characteristic (dynamics, fullness, airy, engaging, etc) of high volume but at a lower volume levels.

Receivers can not touch that ability.

Therefore it is easy to see why the Denon 5308 is really big and one of the few that challenge the need for seperates.
But if you swing by the denon web site – they just started selling separates again. I wander why?

What changes the playing field is the digital amplifier. As they gain more engineering time, they will make there way into receivers. That will be interesting…

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