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Default Re: Amps for dummies

Food for thought Moose. I started with Paradigm Studio 100's driven by a Marantz SR-19. The receiver is rated at 105wpc. I have the idea that more power is better and so began searching for an amp to run using the receivers pre-outs. Initially, I just wanted a 2-channel to run stereo. I auditioned a Bryston. Too bright! Rotel. Too grainy. Adcom GFA535. Slightly bettered the sound of the SR-19 in strereo(it maintained the smooth, slightly warm sound that led me to the Marantz) and played every bit as loud even though its only rated at 60wpc. (must have something to do with the amount of current a dedicated amp delivers vs a receiver) The real payoff was when playing all 5 channels. The whole system seemed improved, especially the center channel. I think that relieving the receiver of the chore of driving the big Paradigms allowed it to supply more power to the center and surrounds. Last week I installed an Anthem Statement A5. Its not the last word in solid state but it is a noticeable, but not huge, improvement over the Adcom and the Marantz. I debate with myself whether it was worth the extra bucks, but there's just something so cool about looking at that big beast. Next year I'll be looking for a pre pro to replace the receiver. I'm thinking AVM50. If you want to experiment with an outboard amp, I'd be happy to loan you the Adcom amp for how ever long you want (within reason).
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