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Default Re: HDMI, Easy or Nightmare? How was your experience?

Originally Posted by Radfordian1 View Post
I have a Yamaha RX V1800 receiver that is giving me connectivity issues. I can connect my Motorola DCT 6208 HD DVR digital cable box directly to my Sanyo PLV Z5 projector using a 25 ft HDMI cable and all is well. The cable box has DVI out, no HDMI, so I have used a DVI to HDMI adapter. When I connect the cable box to the receiver with a 6 ft HDMI cable and then to the projector with the 25 ft HDMI cable I sometimes get a picture for a second or two and then nothing at all. Can you help me solve this issue? I want to add a PS3 for Bluray and hd audio which requires HDMI connectivity so I want to get this issue solved. Right now everthing works fine connected by component cables and spdif (5.1 only)
Make sure you turn on the projector first, then the Yamaha. I know my Yamaha will put up an HDMI error and act difficult it is the first component powered on in the chain.

Also, make sure in the Yamaha menu that you do have it set up to output video through your HDMI connection.
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