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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

I haven't bought a CD in about 4 years. All of my music is digitally delivered (downloads or Sirius) and once I get an ipod controller for my wife's car, there will be no need to even burn CD's any more.

So yes there is a problem. Once someone makes it easy enough to get me a digital copy of a movie with good quality, my DVD buying will stop. I knew this going into all of this and went with the in between technology that I felt had the best value.
No there's not a problem.

The original post suggested that BDs would not be available in the future because of downloading. My point was that downloading hasn't stopped *THE AVAILABILITY* of CDs for those who wish to purchase them, just as it won't stop the availability of BD.

Those who wish to purchase downloaded music or video are free to do so. Those who wish to purchase disc-based media can do so.

There's no problem. Both are available to each type of consumer. Which medium you choose for yourself is irrelevent to the conversation.
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