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Default Don't be fooled by inside the chasis shots of AV preamps

There is a guy who has come to the forum recently who is fond of showing the inside of AV preamps and saying that consumers are getting ripped off by investing in the high end brands and that they are ALL THE SAME.

First of all - his disrespectful actions will have him banned as of this morning.

Secondly, allow me to set the record right. There are only a few companies who make AV preamps. Traditional audiophile companies do not and should not be expected to have the internal resources to create and produce the EVER changing needs of a top of the line AV preamp. The companies who do are called OEMs. These companies sell comparable platforms to many different companies. Are they the SAME? Not even close. The AV companies make up their wishlist of features and specs and the OEM is paid to design such a product. This means different software, firmware, analog parts, inputs, outputs and more. YES - they can be a comparable chassis or processing engine but to suggest they are the same is a FOOL's argument.

I thought it was important to clear this up.


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