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Default Re: Sony selling OLED sets @ Sony Style

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
How long have you had yours?

I got mine the end of 2006 and the bulb is still going strong.
I got mine in October of '06 & it's still on it's original bulb too.
My 5 year warranty includes bulbs so I figure it may use 2 bulbs in 5 years & that'll more than pay for the extended warranty.

I've had the service guys out 2 times on my set, HDNET puts up a test pattern on early Sunday mornings & I noticed my picture wasn't quite centered so I had them fix that, the second time was to fix it from going into the service menu every time I turned it on!
It seems the tech didn't exit the service menu correctly so it opened every time I turned it on.

rlpiii for the $7000 MSRP of this set (I paid nowhere near that though) it better be built like a tank!!
We have a couple of Sony Wega CRT's in the family that are going strong after many years of use.
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