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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

like it or not[im not likely it] everybody in this industry is hopping on the blu-ray band wagon.toshbia and ms can do what they want ,bd is what the industry wants to win.
usless you can rally the troops around hd dvd ...forget it.

if you remember back in 1968 people rallyed around paramount to try to get startrek another season,come to find out later roddenberry was behind the whole thing.
people helped but the power roddenberry had at the time really gave trek one more season.

the point is the industry is the true power here they started this war and they will finish it
we are a very small part of the pie.

at this point hd dvd and ms should just cut there losses and hang it up.
this war has gone on long enough.

just to be clear if hd dvd was winning this thing id say the same thing to the bda ...end this now.
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