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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
I not sure why you HD DVD backers that bought that technology and sang it's praises way past it's demise ALL OF A SUDDEN think HDM is a thing of the past, it's like you've all been brainwashed.
Maybe they pulled a Tyler Durden on you guys and replaced a frame here and their that said if HD DVD does not survive go download.
I think your missing the point. I can't speak for other's but I just didn't have this hairball scheme to support downloads now that HD DVD has come to its demise. I knew downloads were coming and IMO were going to be more viable moving forward for me. I have an Xbox 360 Elite which you probably know Xbox Live has been downloading movies for awhile now. I have Netflix where I can watch movies via my PC.


Brainwash/Microsoft/Sore Loser etc etc. doesn't really fit the bill. You might want to try that on someone who it actually pertains to. There are plenty of them on highdefdigest.
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