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Smile Re: Please talk me out of buying a CRT TV...

Jairus, I am not going to do that. Why, I have not seen the Lowe, but the SONY 34KVXBR2620 series of CRT is superb. Reviewed highly by home theater mag, and everyone else, these sets(and I`m talking about the 34inch model) have a outstanding picture.
Now, maybe they do not have as many inputs as you like, and you MAY get tired of the size, there is absolutely no question that the picture quality is excellent. And this set does have a HDMI input I believe.
What Sony do you have now?

Then, if you get someone like a Joe Kane to calibrate the TV, its just over. And, the one thing CRT has, is that you can play the set in just about, any room lighting condition. Plasma, LCD, DLP, LCOs, all of them have one or two areas they are still trying to perfect, whether its blacks, greens, burn in, whatever. Thea review made me think long and hard about jumping in to this new area of technology.

I always shoot for quality first, convenience, cool looks, be the first on the block to get it, last!! And the pricing for your Lowes is incredible. I may need to look into this myself.
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