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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

I recently saw a CA$250,000 Home Theatre system that featured the Runco VX-22D Cinewide 3 chip projector with autoscope (no black bars) and Stewart Filmscreen CINE-W (curved cinemascope). The 7.2 surround sound system featured a Classé SSP-600 processor, CAV-5200 and monoblocks, with B&W 800 Diamond front speakers. For anyone with the money, the entire system was custom installed with soundproofing, theatre chairs, etc.

The picture was absolutely breathtaking … certainly far superior to any commercial theatre I have seen … superior to HDNet’s excellent PQ. The stunning clarity and colour depth made the picture appear to be 3D. The detail in the shadows was remarkable. If I could afford such a system I would never again watch a movie in a commercial theatre.

The point of all this is that, amazingly, the video was supplied by a CA$400 Samsung Blu-ray player! That player is what made the system really sing to its maximum potential! While regular DVD looked very good on this system, Blu-ray made regular DVD look like VHS in comparison!

Where is the bandwidth necessary to achieve this quality by digital downloads? How many hours would it take to download a movie? I think players and discs will be here for a long time yet for those of us that want the very best PQ.

As for the newer players with all the latest advanced features … I could care less ... the only thing that is important is the picture and sound quality.
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