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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by jpcos View Post
I know it varies for everyone, but $400 is the high end of what I'd consider paying for a player in 2008.

I'm sure this will tick some people off, but with this week's news and the current state of Blu-ray players, I'm probably going to forgo the Blu-ray player in favor of an Apple TV at this time. With that and Comcast On Demand I'm going to see how enjoyment and expenses go without physical media and more of a pay-per-use model.

With hundreds of SD and HD DVDs on the shelf, many unopened, I'm thinking that it'll be interesting to have access to the variety that these services will provide without the expanding need for shelf space and the limited library. Other than the $230 for the Apple box, I'll be spending a whole lot less money.

Maybe in a year or two there will be real value in a Blu-ray player. I'm sure since I'm and HD DVD owner, this will seem like sour grapes, but I'm just tired of the whole software cost/availability and the hardware issues. If it really is about the content, these services will be delivering much more in a more convenient fashion. Don't even have to leave the house or wait for delivery through the mail.
This is why I keep saying the debate about which hardware format is irrelevant.

The money is in the software and the studios want to deliver it least expensive way possible.

Electrons don't cost anything to mail.

Blue-Ray may possibly have won the battle but who cares except for the hardware manufacturers? And the studios don't give a rat's tutu about them, anyway.

The mass market, not the tweaks like us, are where the studios will make their $$$ and they will make MUCH more money on SD and HD downloads and VOD, not in selling silver discs to a select few tweaks.
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