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Yes Jerry, I have. I had the pleasure, as you know, to attend the HE2007 show at the Grand Hyatt Hotel here in New york. One of the most satisfying demos (people were nice, new theie equipment) was at Bel Canto. Where they demoed their powerful, yet small ( ala Carver Magnetic Field Amp) amplifiers with Joseph Audio speakers. Very clean, open, and dynamic sound. Smooth, with no edge or harshness. Now, the Joseph Audio speakers surely helped I`m sure. But what really impressed me was their size. Even if you using to mono amps, these Bel Cantos can be placed just about anywhere, shelf, bookcase, excellent WAF factor here.
Also they showed a Bel Canto amp, connected directly to a computer, with a pair of bookshelf Joseph Audio speakers that sounded great. Perfect for a small den, office, or bedroom system where size and dimensions are an issue. Or, just gives you more room for flexibility and placement. To bad they do not make the PL1 universal player anymore!!
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