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Default Cleaning machines - VPI HW-16.5

My wife wants to kill me! I'm thinking of buying a $540 record cleaning machine.

I just bought a turntable (MUSIC HALL - MMF-2.1 LE FERRARI RED TURNTABLE) to play albums I haven't played since I bought my first CD player in '84. Hooked it up yesterday, and IT WAS WONDERFUL! The Fantasia album was too scratchy, but the newest of the 3 copies of Led Zeppelin V that I have was really, really fun to listen to (Denon 3808CI).

So, I see an ad for this cleaner: VPI HW-16.5. Lots of good reviews, makes a lot of noise, consumables can get pricey... I have about 10 linear feet of records, and I could really get used to giving them a spin now and then.

Any comments?
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