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Default Re: Good - Better - Best in HDMI cables.

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Moose, please correct me if I am wrong; but I believe that the "eye" patterns you show indicate the space in between digital data bits, one's and zero's. HDMI has its own specifications as to how large the octagon in the center of the eye (called the "mask") must be in order to comply with the standard and ensure accurate data transmission. (As the signal degrades and the space between ones and zeros becomes blurred there is greater chance of a one being mistaken for a zero and vice versa.)
I've read the story twice & still don't understand all of it but what I'm saying is there is a difference between cables, yes the pic on the left is still sending the information but it's on the edge of not sending it.
What's going to happen when you have that cable in the wall & when HDMI 1.4 comes out & the speed is higher & the cable won't send a signal?
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