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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?

Actually it is true. To get the full benefit of Blu-ray and 1080P you do need a screen that is 50 inchs or larger. However since a 50 inch television simply would not fit in the space where I wanted the TV, I found myself with two choices, purchase a 46 inch or buy a new place to live. A new home wasn't in the budget, so I went with the 46" screen and and like timbre4, I find HD the picture on my new Samsung 1080p HDTV is exceptional.

While a screen of 50 inches or larger is optimal for Blu-ray and 1080P, those who don't have the space or find a 50 inch screens out of there price range can still enjoy an excellent picture on a smaller screen and can still enjoy owning and watching films in Blue Ray or HD.


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