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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I saw the Wii on the 103 inch Panasonic.

It looked pretty good. A little fuzzy on the edges but that didn't keep people from having a BLAST playing the tennis game.
I have a Wii in both my living room and theater room. On both systems, I have the cables upgraded to component. When I found the component video cables, I immediately bought them. I have never even tried what came with the system. I am using my Halcro SSP-200 to upscale to 1080p to output on 126" screen. I have not noticed any "fuzzy edges." It does, however, look like an up-converted image, but it is definitely better than not up-converting. I wish someone would come out with a Wii HDMI cable, that would probably also improve PQ a bit more.

The Wii is very addicting! I actually never even wanted one. My wife bought our first one, then a Black Friday later I now have two and play both of them more than her.
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