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Smile Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by kkozma View Post

Why should I buy a $500 machine only to turn around with it being useless in 1-2 years to buy another one WHEN downloads take off? This is a valid reason, that many of the blu-ray zealots just can't get a grasp of..... To be honest with you, I'm willing to place a wager that this xtremehd company can and will LAUNCH a satellite into orbit and sell the machines for less than $500 before ANYONE in the blu-ray camp gets a 2.0 SAL on the market for less than $500. Keeping in mind that the PS3 is NOT a SAL.
1)That whole paragraph is silly a blu-ray player purchased today is NOT useless.
2)Boy I'm glad I'm quick! I'll take that wager, should we say $50.00 ? A fair wager and everyone one here will be witness and make sure the other gets paid.
Shall we call it a wager than?
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