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Default Re: I saw Keith Richards today

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I wouldn't know, I find it personally offensive to pay the hundreds of dollars they wanted to see them on the last tour. Last time I saw them in was in 1990 with Living Colour warming up foor them, sorry to say Living Colour put on a slightly better show in my mind, Mick was looking pretty old then (I was second row for most of the show) I am amazed they can still perform.
In 94 they were so horrible live I couldn't tell what song they were playing half the time. I did see them live at Zilker Park in Austin in 2006 and they played extremely well. They made a big deal about playing by the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue.

Still I've seen them 4 times in my life twice they were "below average," and once they were horrible and the other time they were damn good. That just says to me Kenny is smart in not spending money on what is essentially a gamble.
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