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Default Re: Netflix Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
.... hddvd had stunning titles like Phantom of the Opera, Serenity, Unforgiven, Blazing Saddles, Constantine, U-571, Bourne Supremacy and while the initial blurays had virtually no extras Constantine had 8 hours worth, a lossless True HD track, pristine PQ, and IME to boot as did Bourne.

I just got The Brave One the other day and the picture is stunning. VC1 can do wonders!
True but they got very lazy including WB on quality where as Blu was getting better and better with HD DVD's lossless/pcm somewhere around 24% and BD at 67% that made the difference for me.
I bought a HD DVD player for Serenity, Constantine, and Batman Begins. (By the way still have never bothered with the IME - just not for me I guess)
I just watched The Brave One and it did look quite good indeed!
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