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Well, due to plane flights out of CA, we ended up spending nearly all day today instead of yesterday pulling out and replacing my upgraded SSP-100 with a brand new SSP-200. This was the first time I heard uncompressed audio through the Halcro, and it sounds really good. Except for losing nearly an entire work day to do this, everything worked out great.

The Halcro rep. did recommend Ultralink and Acoustic Zen for HDMI cable (or at least that is what he has seen to have the the best luck with Halcro equipment.) I have been using Ultralink for the Halcro to the projector, since at the time, it was the only reliable cable for long HDMI runs. I have been using a mix of different HDMI cables for connecting DVD, LG BH200, and Sat. which have all seemed to be performing about the same w/o any problems.

Also, I asked about the slow lock on problem:

Originally Posted by Brian View Post
. . .I have found that at times the processor can be a bit slow to lock onto a signal when changing sources but once locked on I have not had a problem losing the signal.
I was told this is due to HDMI handshaking. It just takes longer to lock on to an HDMI signal due to all the handshaking peculiarities of HDMI equipment.

Also, I was told that Halcro will be coming out with a firmware update to add 1080p/24 capability.
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