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Default Re: Good - Better - Best in HDMI cables.

I might not be more in the know but I can tell you all HDMI cables are NOT created equal.

I you can find cheap ones that work - great for you. I have found that mid to high priced cables work best - specifically the fiber optic ones from Dtrovision. Those work best on long runs. On the lower end, Acell, Kimber and Ultralink have worked well in my system and the systems of our staff.

Unlike the old days of digital audio cables in audiophile systems - today's world has a handshake issue thanks to HDCP and I find some cables make a better connection re: making the handshake than others. It should theoretically work that way but those are my findings.

Feel free to call me crazy. I am just trying to help people save the headaches that Intel has given us en route to copy protected HD content.
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