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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?


Currently I own the Samsung BDP-1000, BDP-1200, and Sony BDP-S1. I have not done a dead on A-B with the two, but the Samsung BDP-1200 is really impressive. Like I said, it actually functions like DVD players we are use to and the video is top notch. I will have to play with it and compare it to my other players in true 1:1 comparisons to give final rec's but so far it seems pretty amazing!

I do not,nor do I anticipate buying, the Sony BDP-S300 any time soon. Hate to say it, but I have limited myself to the higher end players for the new formats. I do not find the cost difference to be that much, and if I am going to try something, I want it to be the best! This goes for audio, video, Scotch......

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