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Default Re: Samsung Sued Over Blu-ray Players That Won't Play All Discs

Well, kennyt and TheMoose,

This only confirms all I have been saying about the craziness of the format war, and firmware updates. According to our administrator, it was a firmware update that hurt one of the players. There is nothing that anyone can say to me now, about the simplicity of just playing a movie, and not being able to do so.

Yet, we wonder why people are on the fence, or are unwilling to become early adopters. kenny, even yourself and Andrew got frustrated with Blu-Ray, and leaned more to HD DVD, simply because the players just seemed to work.

And TheMoose, this is not an indictment on Blu-Ray, but to expect or want to deal with these issues to me is crazy. Now we have this suit. If the mainstream, regular consumer knew about all of this, you would never get them to come across.

At some point, SONY, Toshiba, Philips, all companies and organizations really need to get there act together. If for no other reason to save all the confusion and doubt,, that they continue to create in this industry. We have the i-pod, HD, the SlingBox, The Logictech Transporter, all this wonderful technology, and seemingly can`t do a dag on thing to make it simply to use and enjoy for everyone.

Come on now, can`t we all get along?
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