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Default Re: Netflix Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

Originally Posted by cameltoegeo View Post
w0w... I almost bought a toshiba HD {A35} player just a few scant weeks ago, then opted for the PS3 80GB console instead, so I could play games ,as well as watch High DEf. DVD--- plus, can go online wirelessly, and can download games, demos right on it,too---all for about the same $$ I would have dropped on a HD, joining NETFLIX 4 blu-ray rental...and all on my new Sony 52" Bravia XBR4....... glad I chose the "BLU RAY WAY"... otherwise, I'd be a bit DIS-GRUNTLED........ hmmmm...what can I add next...thinkin' some ambient lighting would be kewl...... Yooo, it's snowing here---gonna get 6"-8" over night...DANG! didn't get NETFLIX started soon enough......ohhh well, can always pull out the "SISAXIS" and play a game or two....... just save some "wrist-action" for that dam shovel in the 'morn!! :-) "may the 'TOE be with you"!
Wow, to be a boat in the stream of your consciousness...

'Toe, welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about the snow, here in Florida it's been raining, we don't get much snow down here, so I'll be watching movies for a similar wet reason....
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