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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by kloneman View Post
You are correct on the point of HDMI version only, but your statements were "The HDMI cards are PC only usable" and "if you want 1080p to a projector and the NextGen audio codecs right now, the best and honestly only way is a PC". Neither of these statments is actually true.
With a HTPC there is currently only one way to get 1080p and NextGen audiocodecs that HDMI 1.3 card which states it only supports Windows.

You just keep pushing that Falcon NW stuff... Again I'm not interested in a GamePC, and I'm not building a render farm. I'm interested in building a home multimedia server NOT based on windows.
Today you can't build one with the same functions as a PC.

No, I took offense to your trying to use every post to push Windows based Falcon PCs, even though I am not interested in them, because the underlying OS is an unstable, insecure, poorly performing nightmare. Again, if there is not much differentiating the hardware as you acknowledge, then the other things are the difference, and they matter.
"You might not be but currently the best way to run a HTPC is with a PC vs an Apple. "

That is the sentence that sent you out on your hate filled messages. Sorry no mention of Falcon there. You can't even admit to what you took offense to. That's a lot of hatred for PCs.

There is also a MAJOR difference in hardware. Some hardware is made better and better supported with DRIVERS THAT WORK. My system runs smoothly because the hardware is top notch and the software drivers are too. I feel for the people that buy poorly made and supported machines like Dell, HP, etc.

You assume installing one vendor's PCIe interface card into a given computer with a compliant PCIe interface goes against the warranty, and then attempt to compare this to a game console peripheral hack using unknown hardware????
I don't assume it: I read it on the warranty card. Also the Addon connects via a USB cable.

That is not necessarily the case - and I would go research this also. The situation is more likely as I have already stated, an issue of driver/software support,
Right. They don't have a driver for Apple or Linux so they won't support the card being used for either. Which is exactly my point.
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