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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Not much to see. It has already been said, but here it is:

"The Best Buy Company, the consumer electronics chain, said Monday that it would recommend that consumers choose Sony’s Blu-ray high-definition video format.

The decision gives Sony yet another victory in the battle with HD DVD, from the Toshiba Corporation, to be the high-definition DVD format of choice.

Earlier Monday, the online video rental company Netflix said it would exclusively stock Blu-ray DVDs after some of the world’s biggest movie studios decided in favor of that format.

Best Buy said it believed consumers would benefit from the choice of one high-definition format.

Best Buy will prominently feature Blu-ray hardware and software beginning in March, but will also carry HD DVD products for customers who want those, Best Buy said."

Even less info than we already knew elsewhere.
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