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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Sorry you're wrong. BlackMagic Design currently has no HDMI 1.3 units available.
You are correct on the point of HDMI version only, but your statements were "The HDMI cards are PC only usable" and "if you want 1080p to a projector and the NextGen audio codecs right now, the best and honestly only way is a PC". Neither of these statments is actually true. (Your earlier statements refered to HDMI 1.3.)

While on that topic, I consider HDMI to be a flawed implementation anyway, because it uses expensive, frequency constrained copper versus optical interconnects for an alleged high-speed, digital-only connection. I wish consumers would wise up and demand it be replaced with the right technology for the job, but things don't happen that quickly.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
The major FX houses all use PCs many of which are built by Falcon NW including ILM, WETA, and others. While some of them do use Macintosh your statement isn't as true as it was in the early 90s.
You just keep pushing that Falcon NW stuff... Again I'm not interested in a GamePC, and I'm not building a render farm. I'm interested in building a home multimedia server NOT based on windows.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
You're the one who decided to take offense to the fact that currently there is only a card with HDMI 1.3 made for the PC. While I'm sure you could jury rig it to work on an Apple it is not built for it and likely goes against the warranty.
No, I took offense to your trying to use every post to push Windows based Falcon PCs, even though I am not interested in them, because the underlying OS is an unstable, insecure, poorly performing nightmare. Again, if there is not much differentiating the hardware as you acknowledge, then the other things are the difference, and they matter.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
As to your other comments I asked you not to act the exact way you reacted. I know a PCIE card could "technically," be made to work in another unit. It just goes against warranty. Just like I don't advise people to use the XBOX 360 HD-DVD addon to use for their PCs. Sure it can work, but it wasn't designed for it and YES goes against the Warranty.
You assume installing one vendor's PCIe interface card into a given computer with a compliant PCIe interface goes against the warranty, and then attempt to compare this to a game console peripheral hack using unknown hardware????

That is not necessarily the case - and I would go research this also. The situation is more likely as I have already stated, an issue of driver/software support, which is less each day as more developers figure out how to co-develop for both platforms, given the growing interest in Apple products driven by their recent product successes, and by the growing dissatisfaction in the windows arena. The only real obstruction to accomplishing the use of the card might be if it were to draw excessive power from the PCIe interface, (I'd bet this is a non-issue, but I could be wrong)
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