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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by kloneman View Post

BlackMagic Design is currently SHIPPING HDMI input/output cards for Macintosh
Sorry you're wrong. BlackMagic Design currently has no HDMI 1.3 units available.

The choice of multimedia content creators, from the music recording and performance industry to the movies and photographic stills is the Macintosh.
The major FX houses all use PCs many of which are built by Falcon NW including ILM, WETA, and others. While some of them do use Macintosh your statement isn't as true as it was in the early 90s.

Funny, you started the "stupid debate". There is no "opposite data" you can supply to "counter" what I already stated - It is common knowledge to anyone exposed to current events.
You're the one who decided to take offense to the fact that currently there is only a card with HDMI 1.3 made for the PC. While I'm sure you could jury rig it to work on an Apple it is not built for it and likely goes against the warranty.

As to your other comments I asked you not to act the exact way you reacted. I know a PCIE card could "technically," be made to work in another unit. It just goes against warranty. Just like I don't advise people to use the XBOX 360 HD-DVD addon to use for their PCs. Sure it can work, but it wasn't designed for it and YES goes against the Warranty.
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