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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?


You are considering three very expensive (and nice) plasma sets, so why the fret over buying a Blu-ray or HD DVD player for a few hundred bucks? I agree, none of us want this format war, but I have personally bought two HD DVD players, and just took delivery of my third (or is it forth now?) Blu-ray player.

While I too run a Meridian DVD player, an Esoteric DV-50s, Denon 5910CI amoung others, I still would not want to be without at least one of these formats, and have both in my reference system. Like Jerry, my wife too prefers the high def formats, and due to her occasion griping the movie she wants to watch is in HD DVD (I only have Blu-ray in the bedroom at this time) will likely have both in both systems soon.

Yes, you will see a marked improvement with a 1080p set, but you will also see benefit on your older 720p sets as well. Trust me, I used to have an older Samsung DLP RPTV that was 720p and the difference was significant. When you get to 1080p, it is larger than life REAL and worth the single digit percent of the purchase price of your plasma!

My new Samsung BDP-1200 is the closest of any player I've seen to DVD speed, it starts and loads discs quickly, and responds to commands well. The picture is exceptional and this player cost me under $502 from Considering what we spend on our TV's and monthly cable/sat, this isn't a huge chunk of change and the returns are well worth it!

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