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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?

Despite some of my comments I definitely will be buying a Blu-ray player (I still feel it will either win or coexist with HD DVD), but it will not be a cheap one. I will be looking for the one with the best picture and sound quality. Special features don't interest me ... it is all about quality both in performance and durability.

In the mean time my top priority is saving for a 50" 1080p Plasma ... Runco, Fujitsu or Pioneer. They all have new 50" sets coming in the fall. The PRO-FHD1 is my current favorite display, but look to improvements with the new sets. I have read great things about the 65" 1080p Runco, but it just won't fit in my room. The cost is also a factor!

In the meantime, I try to catch as many movies as possible in HDTV on Bell ExpressVu's PPV HD movie channels. Other than that my Naim DVD5 produces a good enough picture on my smaller display to satisfy me ... you really don't get the benefit of Blu-ray/1080p on screens less than 50".

By the way, I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments!
HiDef Bob
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