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Post Introduction to "Classic Expressions Series"

"This is a presentation of a conceptual work that encompasses nearly 10 years of research in music, sound and technology. The goal was to develop a new view on how music can be presented in Surround Sound. What you will experience is an experimental project that takes orchestration into new dimensions of sound. In producing these classic masterpieces, I have taken a revolutionary approach to showcasing music orchestration with the position of each instrument or group of instruments around the listener. Original orchestral partitures were transcribed in a virtual domain using midi, sampled instruments and synthesis to achieve real separation of the instruments, and also to balance them together in the surround mix. This creates the perception that each individual sound has its unique location in 3-Dimensional Space. Looking to the future of sound and music technology, there is a need for new development to showcase new artist and producers in a revolutionary way. I believe that this new experience will be an exciting and entertaining journey in music and sound."

Alexander Jero
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