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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
All I can say is your anti-MS attitude is clearly showing here. Unfortunately my statement is true. The HDMI Video Cards are ONLY PC usable. If you want 1080p video to a projector and NextGen audio codecs right now the PC is the best and honestly only solution.

BlackMagic Design is currently SHIPPING HDMI input/output cards for Macintosh as well as windows, and there are other ways of getting 1080p resolution from a Macintosh, using its DVI connector or those on a number of available graphics cards, with the built-in optical digital audio connector and a simple adapter.

Your pro gamePC attitude was showing from your first post. Long ago and far away I built PC hardware, and still keep current in the worlds of high performance computing and multimedia. The choice of multimedia content creators, from the music recording and performance industry to the movies and photographic stills is the Macintosh. It has a very capable color matching system (from capture to reproduction) built right into the OS, which is important to anyone who uses visuals to make money, and the widely used MPEG4 codec is based upon Apple QuickTime technology. My "Anti MS attitude" is based upon years of constantly being immersed in a sea of their second/third rate products, while doing things better and faster without them.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Don't get into a stupid Apple Vs PC debate because all it comes down to is mainly choice. Neither builds a more reliable machine or anything else. They come down to personal choices. So don't post some "data," that I can turn around post opposite "data," and get in a very stupid Apple vs PC debate.
Funny, you started the "stupid debate". There is no "opposite data" you can supply to "counter" what I already stated - It is common knowledge to anyone exposed to current events. If the "Machine" you refer to consists of hardware, an operating system and applications software (which is what computers are), then there is no question that Apple builds a more reliable one.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
This issue isn't debatable. Today the best HTPCs are PCs not Apples. That may change soon but not today.
Again, your assertion is technically unfounded, and I assert, false. If your gamebox HDMI card or any other of your interfaces uses a PCI express interface, and I'll wager it does based upon the required bandwidth, then it can be installed in an Apple Macintosh with the interface. The only other tasks required to USE it are to (1) build drivers for it, and (2) write applications software to access and control it.

XCode is one of the best software development products on the market and it is given away free by Apple, and it is founded on standards. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to construct both of these things, without the baggage that is Windows.
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