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Default Samsung Sued Over Blu-ray Players That Won't Play All Discs

A class action lawsuit was filed last week by a group of consumers upset with Samsung because their Blu-ray players didnít play every Blu-ray disc on the market. The suit alleges the players were defective and that Samsung was fully aware of the problem. The group is seeking at least $5,000,000 in damages.

The only player that is reportedly able to play every Blu-ray disc on the market is Sonyís Playstation3 game console, yet even that player has run into some glitches with reviewers.

Early Samsung players, tested by had issues with playing discs. Some of these issues were corrected by multiple firmware upgrades. However, the Samsung BDP-1000 in the Reference System simply failed upon receiving one of these frequent upgrades. Without the upgrades, load times were slow and compatibility was a significant issue. With the upgrades some of the problems were solved, however it was a firmware update that ultimately and fatally injured our player.

Today, many of the home video reviewers use newer Samsung players with mostly successful results when playing the newest and most feature laden Blu-ray titles. This fact likely comes as little solace to those who bought first generation players to find they won't play many of the most sought after discs. To compound issues, Samsung can be difficult to deal with for support thus leaving some consumers feeling as if the courts are the only place they can get a fair deal.

If this suit is successful, expect other copycat filings for other players by consumers.

by: Jerry Del Colliano
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