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Default Re: Netflix Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

w0w... I almost bought a toshiba HD {A35} player just a few scant weeks ago, then opted for the PS3 80GB console instead, so I could play games ,as well as watch High DEf. DVD--- plus, can go online wirelessly, and can download games, demos right on it,too---all for about the same $$ I would have dropped on a HD, joining NETFLIX 4 blu-ray rental...and all on my new Sony 52" Bravia XBR4....... glad I chose the "BLU RAY WAY"... otherwise, I'd be a bit DIS-GRUNTLED........ hmmmm...what can I add next...thinkin' some ambient lighting would be kewl...... Yooo, it's snowing here---gonna get 6"-8" over night...DANG! didn't get NETFLIX started soon enough......ohhh well, can always pull out the "SISAXIS" and play a game or two....... just save some "wrist-action" for that dam shovel in the 'morn!! :-) "may the 'TOE be with you"!
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