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Smile Please talk me out of buying a CRT TV...

Guys, please talk me out of buying a CRT TV in this day and age...Ever since I saw a Loewe 38" Aconda HDTV at a high end AV retailer I keep comparing every TV with it and find newer technologies lacking. I have a 32 Sony HD TV right now and I am finding a lot of people unloading these beautiful Acondas on craigslist for prices ranging from $200 to $600 - keep in mind that when this came out first it was a $5000 TV!
My main concers is that HD DVD players will stop passing high def over component (the Aconda has only component and RCB high def outputs) and that I will very soon find 38" too small...on the other hand I LOVE the design of the TV and the AWESOME pq with high def material and VERY IMPORTANT with sd material.
Please talk me out of buying this TV. Maybe Toshiba's SED will be raised from the ashes...
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