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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by Sharp 1080 View Post
Approximately 3 days after Warners made their announcement I went out and bought the Panasonic BD-30! I had already bought a Toshiba HD30 (yes the price point lured me into it first) and had been happy with both the HD DVD movies and the player! I must say since I own both, and have titles on both formats, I do like the fact that the Blu-ray has Dolby Tru HD and DTS-MA. Bye bye HD DVD.

I think the same people complaining about the price would have no problem spending the same dollars they'd spend on a Blu-Ray player on something else non audio/video if it were really a priority to them? Just my 2 cents. I admit, I chose the wrong format in the begining but had only bought 9 HD DVD discs before switching to Blu-ray.
My XA2 bitstreams both of those formats just fine. By the way every hddvd player will decode True HD internally since True HD is a mandatory part of the spec unlike bluray where it is optional. A slew of bluray players will not decode True HD or advanced audio codecs to include your Panny BD-30, Sony 300, etc. It will bitstream them yes, but so will my XA2 and the A35.

On a side note I just got The Brave One today. It is amazing how pristine a picture Warner and VC1 can put out on a disc with such limited bandwidth and capacity. just gave it 4.5 stars for PQ.

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